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Name: Rashad Mahdi
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PostSubject: Heresy   Heresy Icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2008 10:16 am

Mission #D0606A2

Heresy against the siblings must be quenched in our homeland, much has seen change since the siege of Kathia and our loss of grip on the region. Now that we are becoming strong again it is our duty to return those whom have lived out their lives to the siblings and there exists from just a few kilometers away from our home a land which is home to a group of barbaric cultists that defiles Damaks and Dyma's creation by burying their dead in the ground and letting the worms feast upon their flesh. Burn them together with the mis fortunate souls that shall never see the other side lest they are saved.

As always a full detailed report of this missions success must be given.

Dathanar Rashad Mahdi of the New Dawn

Mission priority: High
Suggested squad: Two
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