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 Second word from the Dathanar

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Second word from the Dathanar Empty
PostSubject: Second word from the Dathanar   Second word from the Dathanar Icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2008 12:22 am

Hail brothers and sisters!

I have been blessed with a vision from the sibling gods that speaks of wisdom and knowledge that I shall only be able to find during a pilgrimmage of meditation and isolation. Therefor I regret to inform you all that I will be leaving Kathia for this travel which I estimate will take me 18 days before I return. I know that this is a troubled time and it pains me greatly to leave you in your hour of need but please understand that I do this for you, to become a greater leader and teacher.

Meanwhile you will of course follow the guidance of your Dorini and I trust you will all obey their commands as if they were my own. May the siblings watch over you all and may you be able to walk the path without obstacles.

Dathanar Rashad Mahdi of the House of the New Dawn.

(( I'm going to visit my parents until the 12th of August, there I won't have a computer capable of playing age of conan and I also hope to spend my time with my family rather than with computer games. I will however still have internet access and will be active on the forums. While I am away the Dorini are of course the highest in command and you shouldn't feel yourself at loss as they are all excellent guild leaders. ))
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Second word from the Dathanar
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